A few decades back, marketing used to be a very different thing. TV advertisements dominated the field and there was a lot of focus on persuasive talk and catchy slogans.

However, this method of marketing is seldom effective nowadays. Thanks to the advent of social media and the speed at which information spreads today, the consumer is much better informed. It takes much more than fancy words and catchy jingles to sell a product.


Therefore, content marketing is the method that is preferred by many businesses today. This is a type of marketing which focuses on attracting customers by providing value. For instance, if you’re an author that writes books on dealing with depression, you could provide value to your customers by writing short blog posts on mental health. If a person finds your blog posts useful, he/she may consider buying your books.

There are many types of content marketing and it’s important that you find the ones that are right for you. Let’s take a look at four of the most common ones:

Blog Posts

These are a very popular way of getting content out there. First of all, you don’t have to be a professional writer to put out a simple blog post so anyone can write them. Also, they have informal, conversational tones so people usually prefer these over professional articles.

The size of your blog posts should depend on your audience and topic.


These are used to present facts and statistics in a graphical way. A lot of people would prefer looking at an infographic rather than perusing through a lengthy article because they dispense a lot of information in a concise and compelling way.

Remember a great infographic is both fun and informative.


Sometimes a topic is too lengthy to be shortened into a blog post. In cases like this, you can put out an e-book instead, which will typically be longer and contain much more details. Therefore, most businesses create e-books much less frequently, in comparison to blog posts.

Marketers use e-books as a way to capture leads. This is done by asking potential customers to fill in a contact form so that the e-book can be emailed to them. Once you’ve collected email addresses, you can then slowly begin the process of converting these leads into customers by providing them with even more value.

In order to do this effectively, you would need a proper content authoring and management platform. We recommend Drupal, a feature-rich open source software. While the software is generally very easy to work with, we recommend hiring professional Drupal developers to perform the initial setup. This will help you have seamless integration with your content marketing processes.


Videos get more engagement than anything else and it’s easy to see why. They’re highly engaging without requiring any effort from the audience. That being said, it’s expensive and time-consuming to produce professional videos often. So if you’re a small business, videos might not be the best choice yet.

And that’s four of the most common types of content marketing you can engage. If you’re just starting, we recommend you focus on one type first. Once you’ve mastered that and have gotten results, move on to the next.

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