Having a banner is useful when you are promoting something such as the launch of a new business or a promotion at a restaurant. Banners are commonly used for advertising purposes in order to help spread awareness.

Type Of Banner

As there are many different types of banners you first need to decide which type of banner you want. For example, there are pull up banners, pop up banners, printed mesh banners, suspenders and hanging banners and more. Therefore before you can think of a design for the banner you should first decide on the type of banner that you want. When deciding on a type of banner you should take into account the space that you have. For instance, you should decide whether a pop-up banner is more convenient for you than a hanging banner or whether a hanging banner will be more suitable. You should also think about what will attract people more and which type of banner will be more effective for onlookers and passers.


The Size

The size of the banner is important therefore you should choose the size wisely and not be in a hurry. This is because if the banner is too small it will not have any effect as most people may not notice the banner. At the same time if the banner is too big it may take away from the message as people may just be taken up by the size of the banner. It should however be big enough to be noticed from a distance.

The Font

You should ensure that the font used for the banner is legible. There could be certain fonts that look nice but may be difficult to read and this would defeat the whole purpose of the banner. You should have a font that is attractive however, it is more important to use a font that people can understand. You should keep in mind that people need to be attracted towards the banner or they need to find the banner appealing enough that they stop to look at it.

Therefore you should make sure that whatever is written on the banner is easy to understand as people will not spend time trying to figure out what is a written on the banner. You should also keep in mind the font size. Especially if the size of the banner is big then the font size should not be too small.  If this is the case people will not be able to read what is written even if the font style used is clear. You should keep in mind that both the font style and the font size go hand in hand.

The Colours

The colours used on the banner play a vital role in how appealing the banner will look. Dull and boring colours may result in people not noticing the banner. However, using stimulating and attention-grabbing colour’s will likely result in one’s attention being drawn automatically towards the banner.