If not for the packaging, getting your products to the clients in the safest way will not be a possibility. This is why there are so many packaging products are materials in the market such as cardboard, rigifoam, and timber. Out of these, timber is going to be the solution almost always. But why so?

In this read were going to tell you exactly why timber becomes the best packaging material.

Stronger as a material

In choosing cardboard for packaging, you need to understand that one box won’t be enough to provide the required strength at all. So, that makes it required to have several units for one job. On the flip side, timber is strong enough to contain almost anything, and that’s how exactly the strength factor becomes a prominent reason.

Customization is more convenient

Most of the best timber packaging suppliers realize that standardized packaging materials do not work always. If you read the safe pack news at least once, you’d realize the number of products in industries that use timber cases and crates on daily basis on the exact dimensions that they are required. This customizability allows you to package your valuable goods safer and in the perfect way ready to be shipped.

Much cheaper

Although you might think that cardboards were cheap, it’s not going to be so when you’re using layers and layers of them to meet certain packaging standards. That extra cost is quite high compared to what you’d spend with timber packaging. After all, it’s not like you can use just about any cardboard for packaging; they should be brand new and of the ideal quality.

No room for contamination of the goods

Most of the cardboards and especially metallic packaging is the main reason why the packaged goods end up contaminated; there’s a big difference between damage and contamination. If you’re in the field of medicine or food, we highly recommend that you choose timber packaging for sure since there’s no room for contamination with timber packaging.

Higher shock absorbance

Just as much as the contamination, damages from impacts and vibrations can be quite serious. While cardboards and metallic packaging won’t be able to absorb the shocks, timber packaging will be able to do that. This is the bigger reason why so many products are shipped on wooden bases.

Lower self-weight

We all know how logistical operations charge by the weight. Why should you add excess weight when you can get everything else, and also lower self-weight when it comes to timber packaging? That’s the kind of money-saving that accumulates to save you a fortune at the end of the year.

In conclusion

It’s not worth it to endanger your valuable products when you have the best packaging solution in front of your eyes. Given that there is a handful of companies that will get the best products for you, all you need to do is worry about doing the packaging. But the best in the biz will do even that for you.