Why do we market a product or a service? Well, basically we do that so that our product or service can gain more attention than the competition. Marketing was never such an important thing in the earlier days when only a couple of people produced the same product or provided the same service. There was not this much competition then. However, now a lot of people are involved in manufacturing the same product and providing the same service. Therefore, marketing has become the only way of being heard.


There are a couple of main objectives in putting a company’s time and money into marketing a product.

Making People Aware of the Product

The most important objective of any marketing campaign is, making the public aware of a product. As mentioned earlier, no marketing could mean the product or service staying hidden from the people. If people have no idea such a product or service exists they are not going to buy it even if it is the best product or service in the market. While word of mouth can carry some importance in making a product or service more popular it is going to take time. That is why every company put their money into promoting their products and services.

Getting More People to Participate in Good Work

There are times when marketing is done not to get a financial gain for any company but for the wellbeing of the society. You must have seen how blood donation programmes, diseases awareness programmes and such are advertised by people. That is to make sure everyone benefits from such a good work. If a company is sponsoring such work they are definitely going to earn a good name among people for their part in it.

Creating a Chance to Make More New Products

Only if the current products or services of a company are sold they can hope to keep on producing more products in the future. If their current products fail, no matter how good their ideas are, they are not going to be able to turn those ideas into reality.


Earning a Good Income

You cannot run a business without an income. Income comes when people buy a product or use a service. Marketing makes sure that happens.

With a proper marketing campaign handled by responsible professionals you can promote your products or services well. This will earn you a good income to continue doing business. It can also win your company brand a good place in the market and in the hearts of people.

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