Marketing is the process of providing information about a product or a service to people. With this information people get to decide whether they want to buy this product or use this service. However, just presenting the information is not going to sell the product or service. If you want to sell your products or services you have to present the information in a convincing manner making people see your product or service as something they should have in their life. This is what companies do when they are marketing.


However, though this is how marketing should be done properly there are always instances where marketing fails a product or a service.

Failing to Win the Attention of the People

The first step in making people want to buy your product or service is making them interested in what message you have to provide them. That means creating an attractive advertisement using all the resources you have. There are creative people who can create the most convincing advertisement for you. However, when you do not entrust this important work to such a good group of people you are going to end up with just an advertisement or a marketing strategy which is not going to win the attention of people.

Not Delivering the Product Message Clearly

You must have seen advertisements which start on an interesting note but fail to focus your attention on the product which is being advertised. Some of them have the habit of focusing too much on the actor or actress delivering the message. This can make people not get the information about the product or the service properly and end up not caring for that advertisement.


Offending a Group of People

We live in a society where a lot of different groups of people live together. This means sometimes an idea, which appears to be fun on the surface level as you have no intention of humiliating or insulting a group of people, can end up offending a group of people in the society and make them even hate your company name. There have been instances where such things happened and companies have had to apologise to the offended people and spend time and money to earn their good name back.

Stealing Someone Else’s Marketing Ideas

There are times when people steal someone else’s marketing campaign completely. This kind of behaviour is not received well by people.

If your marketing goes through any of these stages, it is going to harm your company brand a lot.