There are many visa categories available for families seeking permanent residence in Australia. Australia is a land of many opportunities. If your intention is to work and live contributing to the Australian community and economy, you will be warmly welcomed into the country. You need to be diligent in checking eligibility criteria for different categories. If you find that the process is confusing or you are not sure whether you can collect all the documents required for the application, you can get the help of many companies that aid in migration matters.

You will be able to unite with your family members when you apply for family migration visa Australia. There are certain criteria you need to fulfil when you are applying for this, you need to have a close family relative or a spouse who is a citizen or a permanent resident of the country. There are different eligibility criteria for New Zealand citizens as well. You can either apply for a temporary or a permanent family visa. This will depend on your situation. You can get the assistance of an agency to guide you through the process for a hassle free application. If you have a relationship with an Australian citizen or a permanent citizen, you can apply for a spouse visa. This is applicable if you are in a relationship with an eligible New Zealand citizen as well.

You need to provide proof of your relationship by showing financial commitment and social acceptance. You will be able to access a temporary visa while there is still a decision to be made on the permanent visa. The latter is granted if your relationship endures for two years after you have applied for the spouse visa. You need to check whether your marriage is recognised under the Australian law. There is a prospective marriage visa that you can apply for as well depending on your circumstances. This is applicable to permanent residents, Australian citizens or New Zealand residents who are eligible. If you fall under this category, you will be able to bring your spouse to the country before the marriage takes place. This visa is a temporary visa and you can apply for a spouse visa after the marriage.

There are also contributory parent visas and contributory aged parent visas. When we look at the contributory parent visa, the applicants will be working age parents. You can also apply for non-contributory parent visas. However, these visas will take a long processing time. But the fees are cheaper than the contributory parent visa. A contributory parent visa is a permanent residence visa and you will be able to work, study and stay in the country. You can also enrol in the health scheme of Australia called Medicare. You can also apply for citizenship of Australia given that you are eligible. Other types of family visa include carers, child visas, aged dependant relative visas, New Zealand Citizenship Family Relationship Visa etc. The child visa will allow the child to stay indefinitely in Australia with the parents. But they should be sponsored by the parent.